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That's when she sees her. Make them count. Jane mentally slapped herself for bringing it up. Close Working This guy was spoiling for a fight, yet Jane wasn't at all intimidated by him! No one ever complained about how Jane Rizzoli looked in her uniform! But I can't have you break out in hives over this guy so just keep doing as I tell you and you should be good.

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She had voiced her uncertainty to him about the venue, with the utmost diplomacy, more than once, but he wouldn't be swayed.

She could easily picture the scene with the three of them all sitting at the Dirty Robber and laughing at this rescue attempt. And she really does listen to me! Instead of going home that night, I went to the hospital in an ambulance and the police took him into custody. The brunette wasn't convincing at all as she tried to be nonchalant, her voice higher than usual, "Oh, yeah, was that tonight? She had better things to do.