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Stimulus novelty and emotion perception: In this passive viewing task participants were instructed to attend to the pictures. This is in line with the fact that women typically report stronger feelings of disgust when compared to men e. Meet a decent guy for one night's sex, regular sex. So, no clear relation between self-reported fear for each stimulus category and corresponding grand-average EPN amplitude was found. Recover your password.

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Introduction As snakes were probably the first predators of primates, snakes will phylogenetically be more fear-relevant to humans than other reptiles.

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He has no interest in children. In fMRI studies, the explicit hypothesis of larger amygdala activation in response to snakes compared to spiders has not been tested with non-phobic participants. Differentiating neural responses to emotional pictures: As expected, we found larger EPN amplitudes to snake pictures than to pictures of the other reptiles. Get help. Statistical analyses For the fear, valence, and arousal ratings, repeated measures analyses of variance ANOVAs were employed with stimulus category snakes, crocodiles, and turtles as factor. Received Jul 3; Accepted Aug

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